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We specialize in Swedish American genealogy, and can provide you with:

We Provide Swedish American Genealogy Reasearch

Research on your 

ancestry questions.

We offer Coaching on Swedish American Geneology

 Coaching regarding
 your own research. 

Family Tree Wall Art

 Family trees for
 your findings.

We provide tips and ideas related to Swedish American genealogy in our blog.

 Tips and information

 in our Blog.

Your Swedish American Ancestors

We offer research and coaching to advance your knowledge about your Swedish American Ancestors. It all starts with clues or documentation you already have about your Swedish American ancestors. It can be a story told by a family member about your family, a letter, a DNA test, a photo, a family tree, or something else. Explore our website and blog for more information.


You can also book a free 20-minute consultation with us on zoom by clicking the button below. We speak English and Swedish, are based in Sweden, and have access to the databases and archives needed for Swedish American genealogy research.

Visualize Your Family Tree

We have decorative family tree posters available in horizontal, vertical or fan shapes! Choose from a range of backgrounds and add a wooden frame that comes in different colors. You can either handwrite the family details yourself or commission us do it in a font of your choice. Currently, we only provide the family trees to those who commission genealogical research or coaching from us. However, we are looking into opening a shop to offer the family trees to a wider audience. 

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Examples of Family Tree Wall Art offered by Swedish American Ancestors.

Swedish American Ancestors Blog

Swedish Red Houses at Disagården

Swedish Red Houses at Disagården

Today, I visited Disagården, an outdoor museum with traditional red houses from the 1800s.
Patronymics In Your Family Tree?

Patronymics In Your Family Tree?

Find out about patronymics and a strategy to overcome them in your family tree research.
Welcome to the Swedish American Ancestors Blog !

Welcome to the Swedish American Ancestors Blog !

Join me in exploring the history of Swedish emigration and immigration to America.

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